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Power assisted therapy...eVO gets your patients moving towards becoming healthy

Professional physical therapy and rehabilitation facilities require many different pieces of equipment to accommodate the diverse types of patients they support. The one thing, however, that most of these facilities do not have is a device that people who have no physical means or strength can use and gain benefit from.

The eVO is unlike any other product currently on the market as it is uniquely designed with innovative motorized technology to effectively provide physical and rehabilitative therapy to both the upper and lower extremities simultaneously.

The eVO is a stationary motor-assisted cycle that accommodates the user’s level of physical function and provides the duration and type of therapy prescribed by physicians, rehabilitation and therapy specialists. The highly-variable motorized assistance built into eVO can be set to provide therapeutic motion exercise at the appropriate speeds for patients unable to perform any level of voluntary motion, so unlike other pieces of equipment, the eVO offers a patient with severe spasticity or atrophy the experience of full-body exercise with the same intensity and resulting confidence as a person simply sustaining muscle strength and stamina. As the patient’s strength and endurance improves, the engineering of the cycle allows the patient to pedal faster than the motor. A display flashes positive feedback showing them that they are improving. In other words, the motor-assisted system allows users to progress to increased levels of function at their own unique rate building muscle, tone, flexibility, coordination and stamina until the patient is released from therapy.

Professionals have noted that the primary benefits of eVO include:
Increased Range of Motion
Improved Cardiovascular Function
  Increased Flexibility
More Confident Physical Mobility
Greater Stregth and Endurance Gains in Functional Abilities  
  Positive Feedback of Increased Performance Enhances Satisfaction and Self-Esteem
People who benefit from using the eVO System fall into 3 categories:
REHABILITATION to regain strength and use of their limbs e.g., stroke victims, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, cardiac surgery patients, hip and knee replacements Achieve MAINTENANCE exercises to sustain musculature and strength e.g., Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Muscular Dystrophy Accomplish PREVENTION therapy to ward off spasticity and permanent constriction of their limbs e.g., Cerebral Palsy
Many times these types of events tend to be very sudden, causing traumatic and unexpected consequences. Intense physical therapy must be initiated as soon as possible to maximize the potential for recovery. The present healthcare system may not always allow the needed amount of therapy for maximum recovery to be obtained in the inpatient setting. Thus, the eVO is a useful tool in the overall rehabilitation of patients in outpatient rehabilitation facilities, and in their home. The eVO can provide the much needed rehabilitation in between therapy sessions and long after the insurance benefit period has been exhausted. Once bodily function is lost, it is next to impossible to regain. The eVO can play a vital role in keeping the body functioning. Regular exercise encourages nerves to continue functioning normally. The reciprocating motion of the handlebars simulates normal motion such as walking. Since the eVO has a wide range of speeds, it may accommodate and improve all MS and PD condition states. The eVO’s passive mode can prevent contractures by gently stretching spastic muscles. The hands and feet can be safely secured to the pedals and the handlebars, and the eVO will do all the work. As the patient improves, the seat can be adjusted to lengthen the range of motion. Also, for patients who are wheel chair bound, the seat has straps to safely secure the patient in the seat during exercise. After achieving better range of motion, patients can then take advantage of the active-assistive and active modes to build better strength.

The eVO system offers benefits to a wide range of people suffering from limiting physical impairment by providing maximum therapeutic value that is unmatched by other equipment in the market.

Overall, eVO is better suited for individuals who are uncomfortable with, or cannot use, conventional physical fitness/rehabilitation equipment.

To learn more about how eVO can fit into your facility, click here: sales@therapymotions.com


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