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Here's what peope have been saying about using the eVO System

"If my muscles could they would say “hey, what is going on here”... I feel wonderful, as if I am really accomplishing something for me. It is very exciting to be using my legs."
- Nancy Midwood
"As an Armed Forces Veteran, I have had trouble with my knees since leaving the paratroopers. I can't believe how much of a workout I am getting and how easy this machine is to use. It doesn't hurt my knees at all."
- Aulphus Hubert
"Wow, I can't believe how easy this is, it is almost effortless. I am able to get a great workout and all you have to do is just sit there and let the eVO do the work."
- Tara
"Kayla has Severe Spastic Cerebral Palsy. She is on her eVO bike every day, and was never expected to get out of the wheelchair and walk... but you need to look back at that first video under NEWS to see what her progress was at the 2 year mark. Her dream is to walk across the stage to receive her diploma."
- Kayla
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