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Here's what the professional community has been saying about eVO

Medical Institutions and Physical Therapy facilities have used the eVO System for years now as part of their physical rehabilitation programs. Here are just a few professional opinions on the eVO:

Tony McClain, MS, MCP - Northside Hospital, Atlanta, GA: "The bike is a very good idea. The passive motion component of the system is therapeutically sound... The approach with the high back seat for support and mounts for the hands and feet are also well thought out. Again, the bike is a great idea and I can personally foresee a need for it in the medical industry today."

“Thanks to eVO people are now riding their way to a healthier life. Their innovative design will now allow persons with disabilities the opportunity to exercise upper and lower extremities in the comfort of their home or your local gym. Athletes have stated "this bike would give them a total body workout" to build strength and stamina.”

Mary S. Dickens, Recreation Director - Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation, Warm Springs, Georgia: "Thank you to these fine people and their ability to see past the disability. They have created an exercise machine using knowledge from professionals and athletes in the world of disabilities."

Peter Marshall, Dir. Project Faith - Atlanta, GA: "The eVO will eliminate the risk of muscle atrophy or joints "freezing up," reduce the pain associated with "frozen" joints, increase the range of motion, and plus enhance mobility. This unique system will be a Godsend to caregivers who assist patients in the home."

“On behalf of the patients and staff at the Gainesville VA Wellness Clinic we would like to thank you for the recent loan of the eVO exercise machine. Many of our patients benefited from the use of this equipment. It was easy to use and adapted well to the needs of those patients with particular physical limitations.

Barry Murphy, CTRS, Recreation Therapy Supervisor - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Service - VA Medical Center Gainesville, FL: "Your hard work and generosity is appreciated. Thanks to people like you the field of physical medicine will continue to provide new and innovative rehabilitation methods for generations to come. “

Ramona Harvey, Independent Living and Transition Specialist - Center for Independent Living of Middle Tennessee, Nashville, TN: “There are numerous benefits to the eVO. It looks like a regular exercise bike, but can be adapted to meet a wide range of ability levels and physical needs. It would be a great addition to a home or gym and does not restrict a person to pedaling at one speed. It is easy to operate and can be used by anyone who wants the benefits of riding a bicycle with less knee strain. The range of motion the eVO offers helps keep both leg and arm muscles from atrophying and decreases spasticity, a benefit that I can personally attest to. Riding the eVO temporarily decreases my spasticity without the use of injections or medication. The eVO makes it easier to maintain physical ability levels and exercise unused muscles while decreasing dependence on others. With the eVO, a person with a disability can feasibly meet some of the physical health needs that often are neglected or unmet due to lack of resources or physical ability.”

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