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FAQ about eVO stationary, motorized, power assisted therapy cycle / excercise bicycle

Product Questions

What is the eVO System?
The eVO is a unique, motorized stationary physical rehabilitation bike that provides therapy and exercise to both the upper and lower extremities simultaneously. 

What makes the eVO different from traditional exercise bikes, or recumbent bikes?
The eVO System provides a continuous range of motorized assistance (“Continuous Passive Motion”) so that people with little or no voluntary movement may use the device to build muscle tone, flexibility, coordination and stamina.

Comparing the eVO System against the commonly used recumbent device, the recumbent bicycle can often be a challenge for a person with a disability or injury to use. Our seat is extremely adjustable to allow you the most comfort. Our handle bars allow your arms to elevate to shoulder level providing a fully-extended forward motion, and our pedal functions results in a complete extension of the leg and ankles.

In contrast to other "exercise" products on the market:

  1. The eVO is the only motorized reciprocating full-body motion cycle on the market today. This is important to note in that the handlebars and pedals provide coordinated "cross-patterning" movement of the user's arms and legs in a smooth and effective manner.

  2. The eVO System’s pedaling action provides a low-impact full range of motion to the user’s joints, ankles, knees, and hips.

  3. The variable motor in the eVO moves the user’s arms and legs for them if they are unable to do so in a "Continuous Passive Motion" manner. For people who have the ability to partially flex and move their muscles, but are not able to fully complete the motion, the eVO offers "Active Assistive Motion". The motorized assistance of the eVO allows the person’s muscle to get flexed and move through a complete motion, thus improving the patient’s muscle and neurological coordination. And lastly, the eVO can be operated in an "Active-Driven Motion" where the user can manually pedal faster than the RPM’s of the motor as their strength and endurance develop to further increase stamina, muscle, and neurological coordination at a faster rate.

  4. The eVO’s "Intelligent Resistance" feature will sense any interruption in pedal or handlebar motion due to unexpected spasms or cramping and quickly terminate movement for uncompromised safety.

The eVO System provides the most comprehensive range of motion for the user!

What special preparations do I need to use an eVO in my home?
The eVO operates off of the standard 110/120v household electrical outlet and requires a space on the floor of about three feet by five feet.

Is it hard to learn to use?
Not at all. We’ve purposely made it as easy to learn and use as possible. Simply sit on the eVO, adjust the seat to the proper position for comfortable pedaling, enter the amount of time that you want to ride, adjust the unit on to the slowest speed, set the Intelligent Resistance level, and push "Start". As your body loosens up you may want to increase the RPMs to a comfortable pace.

Can I see an eVO demonstration?
We are doing our best to secure locations around the country that will allow you to visit and watch the eVO in action. We encourage you to contact us to find out more about any upcoming demonstrations in your area.

Ordering and Payment Questions

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

Will my insurance company pay for my eVO?

In general insurance companies do not cover the cost of an eVO because it is categorized as exercise equipment, however, there have been cases when insurance companies did provide coverage. We suggest that you check with your insurance company if you have additional questions.

Do you offer any extended payment or lease programs?

Financing is available to qualified individuals if needed, resulting in the eVO being in your home for approximately $5.00/day after an initial downpayment.

Do you have any dealers in my area?

Please contact one of our Customer Support Specialists and they will direct you to an authorized eVO distributor.


Shipping Questions

How does eVO get shipped and delivered to my house?
The eVO arrives to you in a shipping crate via a professional carrier.

What does shipping and handling cost?
Shipping costs depend on your specific location and the service used. Please consult one of our Customer Service Specialists to find out specific details for your location and order.

Do you offer installation and set-up?
Installation and set-up is available for an additional fee, however, the eVO is very simple to assemble and learn how to use.

How long will it take for me to receive my eVO?
The lead time will typically be 7-10 business days, depending on your location. If you require quicker delivery we will do our best to accomplish this, however, additional charges may be applied.


Warranty and Support Questions

Does eVO come with a warranty?
Yes, the Evo System is protected with a 3-year parts and 1-year labor warranty.

How do I get service for my eVO?
Your satisfaction and confidence in your eVO is essential to us. To contact us for service simply fill in your information in the "Support" section on our website and we will contact you, or call our customer support line at800-921-5213. Our technical support hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.

Is there regular care and maintenance that I need to do?
We have built the eVO to provide you with many years of use with minimal maintenance. All you need to do is clean the eVO periodically with a mild, non-toxic, non-abrasive cleanser. The internal mechanisms require no maintenance on your part.

Do you sell an extended warranty program?
We will be offering an extended warranty program in the upcoming months. Please contact our Customer Support Specialists and they will provide you with this information.

  If you have questions not answered above, please contact us at: sales@therapymotions.com
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