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How eVO is Different

The eVO System is a new and energizing approach to physical therapy and exercise equipment. Unlike traditional exercise bikes that require you to generate the power to operate them, the eVO is designed to deliver the benefits of full-body exercise to individuals who may or may not be able to operate a piece of exercise equipment on their own. It moves you, and as a result you gain the benefits of exercise when you need them the most.

The eVO is much more than a stationary bike, it is motor-assisted cycle that accommodates the user’s level of physical function and provides the duration and type of therapy prescribed by physicians, rehabilitation and therapy specialists. It is also the only motorized cycle on the market today that provides a reciprocating full-body motion to the user, distinguishing it apart from anything else available. Why is that important? Your brain is wired for cross-patterning functions (think of a baby crawling; left leg/right arm, right leg/left arm), the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body and vice versa. After extended periods of time with an illness or physical inactivity your brain begins to conserve energy and some of this cross-functional capability may be compromised.

This is where the eVO’s difference matters. The eVO moves the user’s arms and legs in a coordinated “cross-patterning” alternating arm/leg movement using a smooth and effective motion, exercising both upper and lower extremities simultaneously resulting in improved coordination and alertness, and stimulating brain function.

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The eVO provides power assisted exercise. It gets you moving!


Please note that Therapy Motions recommends that you consult with your physician or healthcare professional before beginning any exercise regimen.

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