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Product Details
The design of the eVO System is the result of countless hours of people using the cycle over the past several years. We listened to what they and their healthcare professionals had to say; we made modifications to make it work better for them; and we’ve made it adjustable and robust to fit most everyone and last for many years to come. Today it is the most effective and most versatile motor-assisted exercise system that you can get.
eVO provides a full range of three types of motions:
  “Continuous Passive Motion” - Continuous passive motion (CPM) is the movement of a joint or extremity through a range of motion without voluntary movement of the limb. Based on this definition, passive range of motion must be administered by a device external to the body. Passive range of motion has many therapeutic benefits including reduced inflammation of the affected joint, improved range of motion, pain relief, and enhanced functional mobility.
  "Active-Assisted Motion” - Similar to passive motion, active-assisted movement (initiated or maintained by the exerciser) also has documented benefits. Active-assisted exercise is a technique used to facilitate the voluntary movement of the target limb, thereby decreasing the amount of strength needed to move the joints. Active-assisted motion provides the physical stimulus necessary to improve cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and neurologic coordination. This technique has been proven effective in increasing the strength of individuals beginning at very low levels.
  "Active-Driven Motion” – This is where the person has attained sufficient muscular strength to operate the system on his/her own power, over-riding the speed of the motor for full manual operation even with motor engaged. Active motion provides ongoing strength building as well as personal and emotional well-being.
Unique features of the eVO System include:
  • An electric motor drive system provides a wide range of variable speeds to allow the user to progress as they build strength and stamina.
  • Wide, comfortable swivel seat allows easy on and off access and provides a safe, relaxed, secure feeling while exercising.
  • Motorized adjustable seat elevation allows easier user operation.
  • Fully reclining seat back accommodates back pain and physical limitations.
  • Handlebars adjust for height and throw.
  • Ergonomically designed foot plates secure foot and shoe with adjustable straps for safe foot placement and comfort.
  • Intelligent Resistance feature senses any interruption in pedal or handlebar motion due to unexpected spasms or cramping and quickly terminates the cycle’s movement.
  • Large display screen shows time and RPMs.
  • Motorized interlinked handlebars and foot pedals provide coordinated reciprocating movement of limbs (e.g., left leg with right arm motion).
  • Hand-held control unit with a one-touch automatic kill switch provides uncompromising safety.
  • ver-pedal feature allows user to pedal faster than the motor for working on building stamina. As user tires and slows, motor maintains selected speed.
  • Electrical current use is 110v /220-230 v 50/60hz.
  • Adjustments easily accommodate individuals from children to large adults.
The eVO is an FDA Class I, 510(k) exempt product. Patent No. US 6,20,991 B1
  To learn more about how eVO can fit into your facility, click here: sales@therapymotions.com
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