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Therapy Motions power assisted rehabilitation cycle promotes healing, decreases pain and improves range of motion
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  Exercise regimen helps improve range of motion, reduce joint pain, prevent atrophy, builds muscle

Scientific Basis & Data

The primary concept behind the eVO System is Continuous Passive Motion (CPM), moving the affected joints and soft tissues slowly and continuously throughout a long-term exercise regimen. This process reduces the inflammation of the affected joint and tissue site after a period of time. Since the limb and/or joint is being moved at a very controlled pace, pain caused by the movement is minimal, while the beneficial effect of the movement is optimized.

Clinical experiments have shown that the uses of CPM equipment promote healing, decrease pain and edema, and improve the range of motion. The eVO, as a CPM device, provides controlled, continuous movement to joints and limbs without requiring the patient to exert muscular effort.

The eVO is uniquely flexible and beneficial in that it provides three types of motion therapy:
The patient simply rides along as the motor moves their arms and legs in a natural “stride like’ reciprocating manner. Passive range of motion has many therapeutic benefits including reduced inflammation of the affected joint, improved range of motion, pain relief, and enhanced functional mobility.
Similar to passive motion, active-assisted movement (initiated or maintained by the exerciser) is when the motor assists the voluntary movement of a limb, thereby decreasing the amount of strength needed by the patient to operate the pedals and handlebars. Active-assisted motion provides the physical stimulus necessary to improve cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and neurologic coordination. This technique has been proven effective in increasing the strength of individuals beginning at very low levels.
This is where the person has attained sufficient muscular strength to operate the system on his/her own power, over-riding the speed of the motor for full manual operation even with motor engaged. Active motion provides ongoing strength building as well as cardiovascular endurance and an overall personal and emotional sense of well-being.
  Therapy Motions is committed to promoting clinical evidence in support of the eVO System. If you are interested in conducting a clinical study on the eVO at your facility, please contact us at marketing@therapymotions.com  
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